by Charmaine Chan on Nov 20, 2018

Making the most out of your Hong Kong experience

Making the most out of your Hong Kong experience

“Hello!” “Bonjour!” “Hola!” “Hallo!” “Ciao!”

New to Hong Kong? Read this ultimate food guide to discover incredible restaurants in this food paradise that are called Hong Kong.

  • Loong Yuen Cantonese Restaurant

November has arrived! If you haven’t eaten hairy crab yet, you need to get your hands on this seasonal item. This crustacean is famous for its dark green back with golden claws covered in distinctive brown fur. It doesn’t have a lot of flesh but contains plenty of rich and creamy roe. Loong Yuen is one of the best places for lovers of this crab!

Loong Yuen Cantonese Restaurant Menu: <Click Here> 


  • Tycoon Tann

When talking about traditional Peking duck, people will think of Tycoon Tann. Crepe-like pancakes filled with the crispy duck skin, cucumber and scallion in the sweet and salty sauce. You will taste the delicious combination of flavors and textures.

Tycoon Tann Menu: <Click Here>


  • Jimmy’s Kitchen

If you love the Hong Kong nostalgic feel or if you are fans of “In the Mood for Love”, you need to soak in the atmosphere at this restaurant. They are a highly renowned culinary institution which has been serving international food since 1928.

Jimmy's Kitchen Menu: <Click Here>


  • Chilli Fagara

With temperatures dropping in Hong Kong, it’s time to go Chilli Fagara. Based on the Ma La Tang concept for numbing (ma), burning (la) and neutral (tang) tastes of Sichuan food, their menu represents the breathtaking range of Sichuanese cuisine.

Chilli Fagara Menu: <Click Here>


  • Loyal Dining

The name “Loyal Dining” is drawn from a play on words “Loi Lo”, a Cantonese saying refers to the exquisite imported good from the West. Baked Kurobuta Pork Chop with Fried Rice and Loyak Chicken Wings Simmered in Homemade Sweet Soy Sauce are the must-have item.

Loyal Dining Menu: <Click Here>


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