by Christy on Oct 15, 2018

La Paloma Presents The Great November Feast Menu


A Special Dinner Menu Featuring Authentic and Traditional Spanish Dishes Available Only In November

La Paloma will be serving up a sumptuous 7-Course Spanish feast as part of the Hong Kong Great November Feast campaign, organized by the Hong Kong Tourism board and FeedMe Guru. This unique menu will feature what La Paloma is most known for – authentic Spanish tapas and the best paella in Hong Kong.
a143aa0741952c0f57e935108b97b378.jpgThe highlight of this 7-Course menu is the “Traditional chicken, artichokes and rosemary paella”, prepared with La Paloma’s custom-made stove which is created to fit their large paella pans. True to the traditional cooking techniques of Spanish tapas, the pan is covered with a very thin layer of rice, allowing for the flavours to be concentrated intensely and for the rice to be cooked evenly. Top quality Spanish rice and ingredients are also used to ensure that the paella tastes like it does at the best paella restaurants in Spain.
This menu is only available for dinner from November 1 to November 30. Guests begin this authentic Spanish gastronomic with a “Ensaladilla Russa” (Russian salad with white anchovies and crispy bread), followed by a mouthwatering “Piquillos rellenos” (Stuffed piquillo peppers with cod fish “brandada”) and the “Bocadillo de calamares” (Fried baby squid sandwich with alioli). The menu then progresses onto the delicious “Patatas bravas” (Fried potatoes with spicy sauce) as well as “Albondigas” (Mama style meatballs with tomato sauce and green peas). The highlight of this menu is then served, being the “Paella” (Traditional chicken, artichokes and rosemary paella). The meal concludes on a sweet note with the “Churros” with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. 

You could book now here!  Customers who book via FeedMe Guru will enjoy a complimentary glass of wine! 

d1a45fe39a86e55e84cbc5b339a858c0.jpg Please see the Great November Feast Menu as below:

La Paloma Great November Feast Menu
HK$398+10% per person

“Ensaladilla Russa” Russian salad with white anchovies and crispy bread
“Piquillos rellenos” Stuffed piquillo peppers with cod fish “brandade”
“Bocadillo de calamares” Fried baby squid sandwich with alioli
“Patatas bravas” Fried potatoes with spicy sauce
“Albondigas” Mama style meatballs with tomato sauce and green peas
“Paella” traditional chicken, artichokes and rosemary paella
Churros with chocolate and vanilla ice-cream
* Customers who book via FeedMe Guru will enjoy a complimentary glass of wine *

Following the success of FoFo by el Willy in Hong Kong, the award winning Catalan chef duo Willy Trullas Moreno and Alex Fargas will once again bring an authentic yet fun Spanish dining experience to Sai Ying Pun. The restaurant features live paella stations and an “el Asador” Spanish clay oven, while the simple table-menu offers choices of over 30 dishes and boasts a diverse Spanish drinks list.