by Sanju M Gurung on Oct 4, 2018

Wine & dine Festival 2018

Wine & dine Festival 2018

Mark your calendar for the 10th edition of the CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival brings together world-class food, drinks, and entertainment right next to the stunning Victoria Harbour skyline.

FeedMe Lane brings you the city's most trending restaurants ranging from Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and many more. Here's a sneak peek of the highlighted dishes serving at FeedMe Lane.


550064c101ec547545756e5b8687b7e9.jpgWolfgang’s steak baguette is piled high with their traditional dry aged steak with a bed of baguette!

2. Bib n Hops x Qi

c138da5821f37b3bd812cd7e994ff1e1.jpgBib n Hops x Qi is serving a traditional treat "Bang Bang Chicken" in spicy peanut sauce with salad vegetables! 

3. Supergiant Tapas

ce056f33beba1bc8081a3f5a5d35025a.jpgSupergiant Tapas will be serving a must eat "14 Hours Slow Cooked Dutch Pork Belly" with House spiced aioli and balsamic. Get a bite of the soft bun with a bit of crunch from the salad and the thick flavor of their pork belly all in one bite!

4. Fumi
Savour the fluffy and dense texture - FUMI presents a bowl of rice topped with fillets of eel grilled in Kyoto-Kabayaki style, mixed with rolled fluffy Kagoshima omelette. 

5. Mean Noodles

3dd703672e10d534014cbf7121df3c06.jpgMean Noodles' bowl of "Nyonya style Laksa" consist of the traditionally mixed noodles: egg noodles and vermicelli. The toppings include prawns, fish balls, fish cake, tofu puff, water spinach, bean sprouts and half a soft boiled egg, homemade sambal, and belacan.

6. La Mer

8a310059c71a20d9d147b9b29aff91ff.jpgThis year Le Mer is back with innovative and surprising flavors, check out their "Salted Egg Duck Tart", freshly cooked, crispy and gooey. A warm bite of their egg tart will keep you wanting more and more.

7. Bubba Gump Shrimp


Bubba Gump Shrimp has come all the way from the USA to FeedMe Lane and bringing you a "Shrimp Skewer" with andouille sausage brushed with a tangy Kentucky bourbon sauce and many more!

8. Le Rêve

f47018935e963ae3589267337f59c1f4.jpg Taste the elegantly meaty flavors of Le Rêve's highlighted dish; “Tuna Cheek” marinated in a secret miso and soy sauce, served with lettuce and mustard seed bread.

9. Honbo


"Honbo" like the Cantonese pinyin bring you the best burger in town! These buns are better than yours! Highlighting the "Cheeseburger "features 4 oz of freshly ground beef (mix of USDA Prime Beef chuck & rump; and local beef brisket), American cheese, HK lettuce, homemade pickles, onions, and house sauce.

10. Chilli Fagara


With their darling dinners raving about their overwhelming experience at Chilli Fagara, they do not hold back to amaze us! Come to try Chilli Fagara's "Granny's pancakes" cooked with green onion, a recipe passed down from generations! 

11. Westwood Carvery


Westwood Carvery's highlighted dish is the hot and spicy "Jalapeño Poppers", wrapped in a sizzling bacon with green pepper and centered with a burst of cheese. 

Stay tuned for more sweet treats from FeedMe Lane on our next blog!