by Khulan on Aug 6, 2018

A French Love Affair: Crêpes

A French Love Affair: Crêpes

Crêpes are known and celebrated all over the world, people from all walks of life enjoy the wonderful, warm wafer-thin delights. Thanks to the diversity in Hong Kong the heavenly Crêpes are now within your reach. There are a handful of restaurants and cafés offering this delicacy in Hong Kong. However, Café Crêpe takes the goodness to a whole new level with their authentic sweet & savoury crêpes!

A love affair with crêpes began for Café Crêpe’s founder while studying in Paris. Upon his return to Canada, he called his good friend, a Parisian crêpe chef specialist, to help him open a unique, international café with traditional Parisian crêpe recipes.

Hence, Café Crêpe was born. The original recipe has been kept the same since their first launch in Vancouver in 1999. Currently, Café Crêpe is expanding throughout North America and Asia.

Café Crêpe's mission is “To use local ingredients while offering a French-inspired, International Café experience. Providing an authentic and relaxing environment for our guests to enjoy.”  With very promising deals they have kept the crowd coming back for more, one bite into the goodness and it will keep you spellbound!

Café Crêpe will be celebrating their first anniversary on 15th September and if you are around the corner go and grab the famous Nutella & Ham and Cheese crepe for only $10 from 2:30 to 5:30 pm.

With over 20 varieties of crêpes, Café Crêpe boasts the largest collection of crêpes in Hong Kong. They have a variety of savoury crêpes for you to try at dinner, from their Lobster Newberg to their Crêpe Français. As well as the more traditional sweets that include the Fresh Strawberry and Banana as well as their Crepe Grecque. Come tantalize your taste buds at Café Crêpe. Eat in, take out or book yourself a table right here!