by Khulan on Aug 3, 2018

Live your dreams through your palate

Live your dreams through your palate

Hong Kong is no doubt a food heaven for locals and tourists. Filled with countless restaurants, cafes and bars there are a myriad of irresistible options to choose from; Restaurants in Hong Kong have elevated the dining scene to the next level, one of which - Le Rêve.

This spring, Le Rêve, renowned for its imaginative and unprecedented fusion of French technique and the finest Japanese ingredients will be taking guests on a culinary adventure, and ensuring their gastronomic dreams come true. The new “Dream” menu encourages guests to let their imaginations run wild, and be taken by surprise by new and exciting dishes – many of which have never been tasted before.

"Each Course aims to stimulate the diners’ senses, to make them think about what their dream is. Everyone has their own interpretation and experience of our dishes which is what makes them dreamlike – “the element of the unknown”. Sometimes you have normal dreams, sometimes your dreams are familiar, and sometimes they come as a surprise. We hope that our “Surprising” dishes bring the same feelings to our guests.”
- Jerry Fung, General Manager at Le Rêve



Le Rêve was founded on the dream of five friends, having travelled through Europe, decided to launch their own restaurant bringing the best in French-Japanese cuisine to Hong Kong. With all dishes created by food artists and alchemists, every item on the “Dream” menu has been designed to invigorate the senses, with unique and creative combinations of flavours, textures and tastes – and surprises.

Fusing the founder’s dream to offer guests an alternative dining experience while serving gourmet food in the heart of Hong Kong, the highlights of the menu, however, are the surprising dishes prepared each day by Le Rêve’s Head Chef. Each of these “surprise” dishes will transport you into your very own dream, through the combination of innovative French-Japanese cuisine and the finest gastronomy, while ensuring you never experience the same dish twice.

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