by FeedMe Guru on Oct 9, 2017

Food Vibes Only

Food Vibes Only

This Fall, we invite you on a journey through taste at Pacific Place Hong Kong. With over 20 exclusively created tasting menus to savour, there are no limits to your choices. Menus range from $250 to $450. Check out the Asian options below!

Extra Rewards for "Food Vibes Only" Tasting Menu Diners

With every reservation attended, you can enjoy a complimentary pastry from DALLOYAU. And that’s not all – be one of the first 250 reservations attended to receive an Olive Oil & Vinegar Set from I.T.

What’s more?

From 7 Oct – 5 Nov, upon any accumulated dinner spend of HK$1,500 or more at participating restaurants in Pacific Place, you are entitled to a HK$250 AMC Pacific Place Gift Card.

Be sure to check out this exciting article on the Tasting Menus at "Food Vibes only" right here!

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