by FeedMe Guru on Sep 10, 2017

Mooncakes from Michelin restaurants

Mooncakes from Michelin restaurants

It's mid-autumn season! FeedMe Guru recommends the hottest mooncakes from Michelin restaurants. 誠意推薦城中 米芝蓮餐廳 最紅月餅!

Now you can enjoy the mooncakes introduced by the Michelin restaurants via FeedMe Guru. Have the most delicious treats for celebrating togetherness with your loved ones!

宜家你可以系FeedMe Guru 一次過試晒米芝蓮餐廳製作既精美月餅:

1. 國金軒 Cuisine Cuisine

國金軒 Cuisine Cuisine is recommended by Michelin 2017. They introduce 3 limited-edition premium flavors this year. The mooncakes are presented in elegant boxes and the designs are extraordinary and classic. They are the best choice for gifts. 

  • Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes
  • Organic Blue Agave Mini Mooncakes with White Lotus Seed Purée and Egg Yolk
  • Mini Rose Purée and Roselle Mooncakes

Order period is from August 15 to September 15 2017.19b30872289e29393af8cf0dad46d958.jpg

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2. Shang Palace, Kowloon Shangri-La

Chef Mok of Two-Michelin Starred Restaurant, Shang Palace, has created a series of mooncakes to be shared during the Mid-Autumn Festival among family and friends. Chef Mok strives to present both classic and creative flavours to suit a diverse range of taste requirements.

New moon cake creations for this year include Uji Matcha Mooncake with Red Bean and Persimmon and Charcoal Mooncake and more. Order is only available from August 6 to October4 2017.


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3. Duddell's 都爹利會館

Two-Michelin Starred Duddell's has collaborated with Hong Kong painter Cheng Ting Ting, an emerging artist who is recognised for her dynamic paintings that express everyday life and emotions in rich colour and texture. Cheery illustrations and shades of plum and pink feature on this year's limited edition gift box, made for the coveted cream custard mooncakes. 

  • Duddell's x Ting Ting Cream Custard Mooncakes

Redemption period from September 16 to October 3, 2017 *provide three days' notice before your intended collection date


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4. Sun Tung Lok Chinese Cuisine 新同樂

Sun Tong Lok Chinese Cuisine was founded in 1969 by the Yuen's family. In 2011, Sun Tong Lok Chinese Cuisine was named a Michelin 3 Stars restaurant by the famous gourmet dining guide. It became the first non-hotel eatery to be rewarded 3 stars in Hong Kong. This year, Sun Tong Lok is offering two types of mooncakes.

  • Classic Jumbo Mooncake with walnut and 6 egg yolks
  • Sun Tung Lok Mini Mooncakes

Mooncake orders are limited from August 15 to September 22 2017.


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Have a great Mid-Autumn festival with your family and friends, and for more special offers come visit us at FeedMe Guru!