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Right Vibes for your dates on Valentine's Day

Right Vibes for your dates on Valentine's Day

Right Vibes for your dates

Still struggling where to bring your date this Valentine’s Day? The right vibes is definitely one of the most important elements for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Check out our picks to save you from endless research!

1.AMMO Hong Kong| 5-course Valentine's week Tasting Menu: $592


The setting of Ammo is stunning, spiced up by its historical location in a former explosive compounded created by the British army in the mid-19th century, with the cinematic interiors created by Joyce Wang who took inspiration from the 1965 Film Noir masterpiece, Alphaville.

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2. Restaurant Petrus | Valentine's Day Dinner Menu: $2194


Perched high above the city with breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour, Chef de Cuisine Ricardo Chaneton takes inspiration from his international experience particularly in France and presents a refreshing take on classic French fare.

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3. Emporio Antico |  Valentine's Day Dinner Menu: $1280


Best pick to experience luxury exotic fine food in a dim and romantic setting.

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4. Operetta Hong Kong | 5- course Valentine's Day Dinner Menu: $440


Operetta is a young and contemporary Italian restaurant, located in the premier shopping mall Pacific Place, Admiralty, serving authentic Italian cuisine.

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5. Plat du Jour Hong Kong  | Valentine's Day 2018 Menu: $444


Presenting the heart of French cuisine, with dishes only comprising of fresh ingredients and prepared à la minute.

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6. Angelini, Kowloon Shangri-La |  Italian Valentine's Day Dinner Menu: $1480

A0hcb1J3eDxXa90ocXGcVsQui-XBQYfiBlsqWaM95gIgjgK9bIkrFXABz8A_1vnZOfVJeLdGM0-N9qAw-D12xzxW6qwoy22KKujykvz3ClVucjnO6Ni1zaIh59aqbK1g3hGrvf8z7hEW7DgBJQSituated in the luxurious 5 Star hotel - Kowloon Shangri-La, where you can enjoy down-to-earth Italian cuisine with a view of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s skyline.

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7. MR & MRS FOX | 5-course Valentine's week Tasting Menu: $550


Mr and Mrs Fox located at Quarry Bay so you can easily go there after work. They serve international cuisine specializing in fresh seafood and steak. Indulge in the perfectly executed dishes paired with the finest wines, and pop the question during dessert.

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8. Porterhouse  | Love Around The World: $944

zXdA33KbtgBQbLNRn2NqcoNiqwlFYRn8V5S76uh9NiSmNDsk8dsATALCwRvJsXxjnsFrM2g0NQSkHntAKxKC8WLXQcZ75G6XDes9Y0VvRnZtZBgYGe1g7TV2WwIeuyH_wlj466X7QP0gjS0BmQHigh ceilings, attentive service, and great beef are just the start of this opulent dining experience.

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9. Flint Grill & Bar |  Valentine's Day Dinner Menu: $940


Located in JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong. Each couple can also take home a “Him” and “Her” cocktail concoction specially crafted by resident mixologist Lloyd Lumabi, as a love potion for them to spice up the night even more.

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10. Tea WG Salon & Boutique |  Valentine Dinner Menu: $500


Best pick for tea lover to satisfy your tastebuds in this world-renowned luxurious tea salon. Menu available at IFC, Elements and Pacific Place.

For IFC, reserve and book here!

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11. The Continental | 4-course Valentine's Day Dinner Tasting Menu: $650

OWx_7zUO290xv3iUS0frN2_Rir201EUjq5cZ-hv-FMXqzd-y-PDomcsgtq0TOstnlhi4jNyL5Sggz0sZUiJf9kzkErOlmEbsklEBVwzZ6THKf2j7whl7xSq293Ge-nLTk8HeLkqz_nJ24tGY0g Charm your date with elegance in this spacious yet intimate setting which carries the influence of Europe’s grand cafe.

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12. Ciao Chow - Italian Cafeteria |  Valentine's Day Dinner: $344


Ciao Chow is a casual open-kitchen Italian cafeteria that promotes lively interaction between our patrons and our chefs. From our communal tables, to our pick-and- choose antipasti platters, pastas and pizzas, everything at Ciao Chow fosters a convivial atmosphere where food is shared among family and friends.

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