by Khulan on Jun 1, 2018

Father’s Day Specials

Father’s Day Specials

Celebrate Father’s day this 17th June by showing your love and appreciation to your Pa! Be sure to give them a heart-warming day to remember for all the influence they have in your life. To honour this special day, these restaurants are here to give exactly that something delightfully extra. They are treating Dad to an exclusive deal, read on to unravel the extraordinary promotions!

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It’s the time of the year to treat your Dad and to show your appreciation. Wolfgang’s is offering Dads a complimentary Old Fashion for all that they have done. Spend the occasion at Wolfgang’s for a memorable day!

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Celebrate this Father's Day with gastronomic Japanese gourmet at FUMI. On 17 June, all fathers will receive a $200 dining voucher /a complimentary glass of whisky or 3 glasses of sake. A treat not to miss!

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3. Shoreditch

Free Beer for Dad’s at Shoreditch only on Father's Day!  Any Dad ordering a Sunday roast, a brunch food item or the main course from their menu, will get one bottle of St Mungo or Heidi Weisse. Come on down with your children to join in the fun!

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4. 紫 Dining at Murasaki

Murasaki has conceptualised an unique Father's Day 5-course Dinner Menu exclusively for Fathers. Delight in their “Cigar & Beer” only on this day!

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5. Jinjuu

Jinjuu presents Modern Korean x Whisky Father’s Day Dinner : FeedMe Guru guests Enjoy unlimited special whisky cocktails (Free for Dad)  +$150/person. On top of this,Jinjuu is nailing that sweet spot between breakfast and lunch with its Korean Gourmet Brunch "The More The Merrier". Catch this delicious Brunch on 16-17 June at HKD291 (original price HKD388) per person from 12 pm to 3 pm.

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6. Mak Mak

This Father’s Day, spend some quality time with Dad – and a spread of trusted favourites from Central Thailand. The Thai greatest hit- Mak Mak, is offering Brunch and a Dinner menu featuring classic Thai dishes.


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7. Waffling Beans

Waffling Beans is a modern neighbourhood cafe-restaurant, with an Australian vibe. Serving specialty coffee and a wide variety of western comfort food cuisines alongside the signature Belgium's "Liege" waffles. They are now offering a 2-course Dinner Menu with Free-flow Craft Beer! Bring your Dad here to chill.


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8. Commissary

This Father’s Day, roll up at Commissary for Southern California-inspired food and drinks and a soundtrack made for California dreaming. (Also, plenty of parking).Upon arrival for lunch or dinner, fathers will receive a Peroni beer from the team (cheers!), before the table tucks into a fresh, comforting menu including House Favourites such as Shrimp and Grits, a Kids’ Corner from Maggie & Rose, and Lean & Green options for those keeping it light.


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9. Tea WG Salon & Boutique

Get some quali-tea time at Tea WG, they have crafted an exclusive Father's Day Menu at Pacific Place, IFC and Elements outlets. At the forefront of tea gastronomy, Tea WG is continually drawing from its vast collection of fine harvest teas and exclusive blends, integrating a myriad of these signature teas into savoury recipes and hand-crafted patisseries.

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Psst!  Stay tuned for more exclusive deals coming to you this Father's day.