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Two Japanese Starred chef-founders are collaborating on a unique pop-up event at an award-winning restaurant in Harbour City

Two Japanese Starred chef-founders are collaborating on a unique pop-up event at an award-winning restaurant in Harbour City

Shohei Shimono, Chef-founder of à nu retrouvez-vous will host several night of fine dining with Natsuko Shoji at Hong Kong à nu from 5th  to 6thJune 2018.  

The specially designed eight-course seasonal menu will feature a range of dishes created by Shimono, and combine unique method, innovative techniques, to create a diverse seasonal menu, with the freshest and most abundant seafood from Japan.

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Price List 

8-Course Executive Chef’s @HK$1880 per person | 6-glass dinner wine pairing @HK$780

ètè cake @ HK$780

14cm x 14cm handmade cake (9 mango flowers) with handmade diplomate cream with sablè cookies base

Shohei SHIMONO (下野昌平), The Chef-founder of à nu retrouvez-vous

Born in 1973 in the Yamaguchi prefecture, Shimono has studied in France for 6 months after graduating from the Ecole Tsuji Osaka in Japan. Then he returned to his homeland and worked for the restaurant “Vincent” in Roppongi for over 4 years. After that, he worked as a second chef at the “Le Bourguignoon” in Nishi-Azabu for 3 years since the restaurant’s opening in 2000. In 2003, he traveled to France again to work for “Trois gros” in Roanne and after a year, he was selected as chef of both the meat section and the sauce makers at “Taillevent”. He was also trained in the wine shop “Antic Wine” in Lyon in 2006 where his knowledge of wine was deepened. After his return to Japan in the same year, he became a chef at the "Le jeu de l'assiette" in Daikanyama in 2007. With a strong passion for French cuisine, he opened his own French restaurant à nu retrouvez-vous in Tokyo in 2009 and lead the team to achieve Michelin Star Tokyo for six consecutive years.

'As a chef, I want to express "just as it is" in each and every moment. It may turn out in a classical or contemporary manner. I want to be free to express, and yet provide the best of the enjoyment. Cuisine changes each day in accordance with freshest ingredients. I love to create new way to cook the unknown ingredients. It is my pleasure to see our valued guests enjoy these amazement and discoveries "just as they are" '

Shimono have held various events including serving as a chef of " DINING OUT SPECIAL SHOWCASE 2015" with Japan’s star chefs and LEXUS. And the “DINING OUT YAEYAMA 2013” at Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, that DINING OUT is a premium outdoor dining activity which only lasts for a few days in a certain place in Japan. Through the use of local produce from the place where the activity is held, it aims at displaying the natural culture of that place in a new way. It is not only about taste, but also a feast for the five senses to embrace the natural resources of the place.

Natsuko SHOJI (庄司夏子), The Chef-Founder of été

Born in 1989, Shoji worked in Daikanyama's Michelin-one-starred restaurant "Le jue de lassiette” in 2007. In 2009, she became a deputy head chef at the newly-opened Michelin-one-starred restaurant "florilege" at that time. She founded her own patisserie Été in November 2014, and it was awarded the silver prize by Tabelog Japan****. In Japan, Été is also considered by many people as one of the most difficult places to place an order. Due to an overwhelming demand of its cakes, Été cake is difficult to order with a long waiting list.

été has quickly become one of the Tokyo’s most desired reservations, thanks in part to the coveted, fashion-forward dessert. Since debuting her French-Japanese restaurant three years ago in the city’s Shibuya neighborhood, Shoji—one of Tokyo’s few high-level female chefs—has served her luxury cakes decorated with spendy Japanese fruit to the world’s most esteemed chefs, from elBulli’s Ferran Adria to Noma’s René Redzepi.

Shoji learned how to make the confection in middle school during Home Economics class. After taking three years of cooking classes and learning the basics, Shoji impressively nabbed a position shortly after high school at Florilège, Tokyo’s progressive French-inspired tasting menu haunt that currently holds two Michelin stars and is ranked number 14 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Before she decampeded Shoji from an untitled staff member to sous chef. Over the last year, word has gotten out about Shoji’s elegant cakes. The chef builds her confections from the sablé cookie base up, layering custard, mascarpone, or chocolate cream depending on the featured seasonal fruit, which she artfully arranges into various patterns, sometimes garnished with gold flakes.

Shoji have been participated many event as a chef, including: DREAM DUSK 2018, A special collaboration five leading chefs at Kyushu; It invited the chefs from the restaurants either "obtain Michelin stars", or "always at the top of the portal gourmet site", or "always hard to book", not only from people in Japan but also among people from overseas. Sponsored by Dom Perignon, Old Parr, Aqua Panna, San Pellgrino, Aston Martin, McLaren, Tabelog, Pocket concierge, 9gates, SUNTORY, and Gochikuru etc.;

Also “EAT UP JAPAN 2017” , the first edition of original and unique Japanese Food Festival,in Taipei. Presented by

WAKUWAKU JAPAN, the Japanese general entertainment TV Channel. 

à nu retrouvez-vous in Hong Kong

Originates from Tokyo and being awarded a Michelin star for 6 consecutive years, à nu retrouvez-vous (“ à nu”) is a vivid combination of Japanese Kaiseki Ryori and traditional French cuisine. The restaurant, located in the new extension of Harbour City, is the first overseas branch of the original in Tokyo which opened in 2009. Teaming up with the highly sought-after French patisserie été from Tokyo, à nu is set to offer the highest quality of French cuisine infused with Japanese ingredients to Hong Kong gourmands. 

Headquartered at Hiroo Tokyo, à nu got its first Michelin star in 2011 which continued for 6 consecutive years. Aside from its Michelin recognition, the restaurant was also highly ranked by the famous restaurant guide Gault & Millau Tokyo in 2017 as one of the 40 most recommended restaurants in Tokyo. Arriving in Hong Kong at the same time with à nu is the famed handmade French dessert label été, owned by the chef Natsuko Shoji, who honed her culinary skills from working for Michelin-starred restaurants before establishing the patisserie in 2014. été has stirred up huge buzz among Japanese netizens ever since being voted number one by celebrities in a well-known Japanese TV programme. Due to the limited daily supply of handmade cakes, été only accepted pre-orders and referrals in the beginning, with an average waiting time of over 3 months per order. However, with the increasing demand brought by the buzz among local celebrities and media, Été cake is difficult to order with a long waiting list.

In French, “à nu” means “just as it is”. It is the exact belief of the restaurant’s chef-owner Shohei Shimono, who has studied in France and engaged in the local culinary industry. “To have an in-depth understanding of the seasonal ingredients and enhance their taste to the fullest” is his passion. He draws on the beauty of the Japanese Kaiseki plate setting, and tries to reduce the strong flavor of traditional French cuisine at the same time. Supplemented by Japanese seasoning, he pursues to restore the original taste of the fresh ingredients with an innovative approach and aesthetic. He also emphasizes the importance of harmony and creates his unique French cuisine with a harmonious heart. His dishes can always reflect his worldviews. As a pioneer of French cuisine, he also constantly explores the avant-garde cooking techniques and flavours, so his guests would be able to “travel through time” - to enjoy the most original and natural taste of the ingredients, at the same time experience the infinite creativity of his innovative dishes.


 à nu, retrouvez-vous

Shop Address: Shop OTE 402, Level 4, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui,


Opening hours: Daily (Lunch) 12:00pm-3:00pm, (Dinner) 6:30pm-11:00pm

Regular Tasting Menu is also available on FeedMe Guru, check them out as below: 

Seasonal Lunch Tasting Menu ($380) 

à nu Seasonal Dinner Tasting Menu ($ 1580)