by FeedMe Guru on Dec 3, 2021

5 tips to have hot pot in a healthier style!

It’s the season for hot pot! Have you ever noticed how many calories did you consume after pigging out? No worries, FeedMe Guru has come up with some tips to have hot pot in a healthy style and can’t wait to share with you!

1. Choose a low-fat soup base

Popular rich soup bases such as Sichuan spicy hot pot, satay soup & meat with pickled cabbage hot pot are delicious yet high in sodium and oils. A pot of Sichuan spicy soup already contains 850kcal and 3200mg sodium, which is nearly double the amount of the suggested daily salt intake of an adult (2000mg sodium per day). 

To reduce the risk of heart disease, you can choose some low-sodium and low-fat soup base instead, such as tomato soup & grass carp soup with coriander and century egg etc.~

2. Avoid processed foods

Processed foods like pork balls, cuttlefish balls, fish dumplings, soybean rolls & tofu puffs are always popular hot pot items, but they are often high in unhealthful cheap fats and added food additives such as MSG, artificial colors & preservatives that will increase the risk of getting cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease. Some low-fat ingredients such as fresh chicken meat, fresh fish fillets, seafood & vegetables would be the more nutritious alternatives. 

3. Pick the carb wisely

When it comes to the end of the meal, don’t forget to pick your carbs wisely! We can choose some low-fat noodles such as shirataki noodles, vermicelli, rice noodles & raw noodles, and avoid oil noodles, yi mein & instant noodles since they carry 350 to 500 kcal per 100g serving, which is 3 to 5 times higher than the same amount of low-fat noodles!

4. Select low-sugar beverages

Soft drinks and packaged beverages always go well with hot pot, but they will only dehydrate you and make you feel more thirsty. Instead, we should choose some low-sugar drinks like sugar-free tea, sour-plum juice & chrysanthemum tea to reduce negative effects on health~

5. Dine out for nourishing hot pot
Visit the hot pot restaurants that provide a variety of nourishing hot pot soup bases and other healthy options~
{$image_alt}Canton pot

Canton pot serves authentic pot cuisine specializing in the premium soup base and a variety of elegantly presented sauces topped off with carefully selected meat and seafood of the highest quality. The hotel restaurant prides itself on creating modern signature dishes presented in a western-style but maintains authenticity with delicious food like homemade dumplings and several herbal teas.

  • Address: 2/F, Lodgewood by Nina Hospitality | Mong Kok, 1131 Canton Road, Mong Kok
  • ​​​​​​​Telephone: +852 3968 7888
  • Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 12:00 NOON - 10:00 PM
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