by FeedMe Guru on Oct 19, 2021

Interesting facts about crab

It's always nice to embrace the autumn breeze and enjoy crabs from September to December. Let’s explore more interesting facts about crab and make your reservation to indulge in a crab-themed culinary journey!

1. Difference between male and female crab roe

The texture of the golden roe of male crab tastes more creamy and soft while the bright and orange roe of females is semi-solid. So remember to choose the sex you prefer when buying crabs~ However, crab roe is also high in cholesterol, so please don’t eat too much in one sitting!

2. Can I eat crab and persimmon at the same time?

Crab is rich in protein, and persimmon contains a high amount of tannic acid. It might make your stomach difficult to digest when consuming these two food together.

​​​​​​​3. Inedible parts of hairy crab

When you are eating a delicious hairy crab, please avoid the gill, stomach, heart and intestines parts of it as they might upset your stomach!

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