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Ultimate fine dining experience at LE PAN 🍽️

Ultimate fine dining experience at LE PAN

Want to experience the essence of French fine dining with a modern twist? “LE PAN” is the best place to bring you on an exquisite journey!

Located at the core of Kowloon Bay, “LE PAN” is a great destination for lavish dining with its spacious and sophisticated all-white interior. 

{$image_alt}The executive chef of "LE PAN" — Chef Edward Voon, a two-star Michelin star chef from Singapore, has been named one of the ten most creative chefs by British magazines. He enjoys filing his innovative dishes with “East meets West” culinary elements, that will always surprise you!

Throughout the dining experience, you will feel the sophistication from the design of menu, the selection of ingredients, the details of service, and the taste of food.

Carabineros prawn pasta with XO sauce - The rich tomato sauce and the tangy Chinese XO sauce are perfectly matched to elevate the sweetness and freshness of Carabineros!

{$image_alt}Photo credit: Instagram@themagicalbunnies

Want to experience the most exquisite taste of the sea? Topped with high-quality caviar, the refreshing caviar pairs with Japanese delicacy - Toro. It is absolutely worth trying to taste the umami collided with the luxurious ingredients!

{$image_alt}Photo credit: Facebook@LE PAN

The menu of "Le Pan" will be updated from time to time,take the chance to make your reservation and dive into the ultimate fine dining experience!

Located at Goldin Financial Global Centre, a grade A office in Kowloon Bay, LE PAN is a fine-dining destination with spacious, all-white interiors. The chef has redefined modern French cuisine with an inventive menu.

  • Address: G/F, Goldin Financial Global Centre, 17 Kai Cheung Road, Kowloon Bay
  • Telephone: +852 3188 2355
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sat (12:00 PM - 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM)
  • Special Offer: Exclusive offer on à la carte menu: 20% off dine-in (dinner only)

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