by Ika Andriana on Dec 21, 2018

Let's Toast to Bon Année with Le Rêve - Let the Truffle rain on New Year's Eve.

Get Smoky this Christmas with Le Rêve

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, the terrace view of Le Rêve is smokin. Take a step out of the terrace with your beloved and make your best wishes for New Year's at Le Rêve's Terrace. Unwind while indulge in Le Rêve's modern Sisha and sophisticated cocktails while looking out the magnificent skyscrapers and stunning Happy Valley Racecourse, It is most beautiful in the evening.01e8193cc221d58b7703befd7e70c7e0.jpgLobster Tail with Truffle Oil enhancing the flavour and aroma of truffles throughout a slow cooking process, and served in a Kombu mango tofu sauce. 


Truffle Wild Mushroom Risotto, with raw black truffle shavings sprinkled on top to give you that white Christmas feels!

Don't miss out on their delicate seasonal 6-course truffle festive menu and cheers to a memorable exclusive fine dining experience and toast to a Wonderful start of the year with expertly paired premium wine collection and brighten up with Le Rêve's unimaginative cocktails this coming New Year!


With the restaurant's intimate and lavish ambience Le Rêve combines the art of French cooking with specially selected fresh ingredients from Japan, to present you a prime fusion fine dining experience. 7652ac9d85d2d1f0d1568da86c509e19.jpgCelebrate New Year's with Le Rêve, 6-course Truffle Menu is available throughout December! To celebrate this wonderful day, on New Year's Eve, white truffle is generously added to embrace the Beginning of a new Journey. Let the truffle rain and your best wishes come true! 

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