by Christy on Nov 12, 2018

Truffle Season has arrived Hong Kong

Truffle Season has arrived Hong Kong

With fresh and fragrant ingredients at the forefront of their culinary methodology, at à nu, the belief is that the greatest enjoyment can stem from experiencing things in their most natural form. With the motto “Just as it is” inspiring the hands of their dedicated chefs, this Michelin Starred restaurant specializes in crafting innovative dishes from an intimate selection of the choicest ingredients.

This month, in celebration of White Truffle Season, the restaurant is pleased to debut its first-ever and highly anticipated White Truffle Menu in Hong Kong. Shaved over carefully curated dishes, this luxurious, seasonal ingredient will work in harmony with the restaurant’s delicate French techniques, executed through sublime Japanese ingredients.  The menu can be enjoyed from 30th October through 15th December per the availability of quality truffles.


Freshly sourced Alba Truffle

Taking you on a culinary journey which traverses a multitude of flavours and textures, the masterful manipulation of ingredients at à nu culminates to create a truly unique, multiple course menu. The restaurant offers exceptional quality truffles which can be generously shaved onto three, specially designed dishes from their premium menu, beginning at HK $1,580.

4cfaf0f2d47885533b0372df003736f3.jpgEncouraging the original expression of every ingredient, the restaurant introduces Aligot served with tome fraîche and Yatsugatake egg yolk and Alba white truffle. As a main course, the Homemade pasta served with Alba white truffle and for dessert the Japanese strawberry served with Alba white truffle.

Acquired in sizes exceeding 100g, a true rarity around the world, the restaurant sources only the highest quality white truffles directly from Tartufi Morra of Alba, Italy which are typically in season from October through late-December each year. Tartufi Morra, one of the world’s most respected truffle suppliers, offer their products only to a select group of restaurants around the globe including Piazza Duomo in Italy (ranked #15 in the world and Three Michelin Starred in 2018).

Diners at à nu will also have the unique opportunity to choose their own truffle. Selecting a whole white truffle to be served and enjoyed with their truffle dishes, this can be purchased for a price of HK $60/g. Alternatively, should diners not wish to purchase a whole white truffle, the restaurant serves approximately 5-6g of truffle per dish.

Due to the freshness of ingredients sourced, à nu’s menu is subject to change per the seasonality and availability of ingredients.

You are able to check out the full menu and make your reservation here

Please see below the premium White Truffle Menu available at a nu:

Alba White Truffle Menu

à nu three amuse

Pear served with spice and citrus jus

Aligot served with tome fraîche and Yatsugatake egg yolk and Alba white truffle
(supplement of $350)


Smoked Katsuo in ceviche style served with eggplant

Steamed ankimo served with balsamic vinegar

Duck consommé served with snow fungus

Homemade pasta served with Alba white truffle
(supplement of +$350)

Fish of the Day

Roasted Wagyu fillet served with mi-sansho sauce

Japanese strawberry served with Alba white truffle

(supplement of +$200)


coffee or tea


additional $780 for 6-glass wine pairing

*All prices in Hong Kong dollars & subject to 10% service charge.