by Sanju M Gurung on Oct 5, 2018

Sweet Treat at Wine & Dine 2018

Sweet Treat at Wine & Dine 2018

A sweet treat is an ultimate finale to any final meal whether you are at home, dining out or at a large event like Wine & Dine! On the 10th edition of the CCB(Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Dine "FeedMe Lane" is featuring 6 must-try desserts! Scroll down to check out our sweet treat highlights.

Cafe Crepe


Famously landed in Canada with a French love affair and spreading their love in Hong Kong with savory and sweet crepes. Cafe Crepe is bringing their crepe dripping in Pear & Salted Caramel sauce crepe, a combination to make you fall more in love! Also featuring their famous Lobster Newberg and many more!



Jouer's imitation of the classic Chinese dim sum favorite - Molten Custard Bun -  this dessert is a smooth airy Salted Coconut Mousse with a gooey Custard center, encapsulated by a thin Mochi wrapping a superstar of our FeedMe Lane & must try item!

Bread & Beast

Did you know by day it's Bread & Beast and by night it's KONG, a brand new concept bringing you an HK avant-garde style cocktail & food! " Yeung Jee Gum Lo" just like the pinying, literally translates to a contemporary HK style golden dessert! One of KONG's crowd-pleaser with a bit of tangy mango puree and fresh milk and a touch of coco rum and grapefruit, topped with a touch of zest and pulp. 

Cookie Department 

11b56c711412aed77856729de37634f7.jpgChewy and gooey on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside. Our giant cookies now have the best of both worlds - a decadent Double Chocolate cookie wrapped by our signature Chocolate Chip cookie for a mind-blowing brownie filled cookie experience.

Oddies Foodies 
Oddies Foodies is not only famous for their "son of egg" rather an all-rounder for your sweet tooth! Check out their Hong Kong style deep fried molten chocolate french toast with a scope of our all-time favorite salted peanut butter gelato, a sprinkle of peanut brittle and a drizzle of dulce de leche. Get your mind blown away with this hot and cold dish!

 Waffling Beans


All the way from the heart of Kennedy Town Waffling Beans serves the best artisan coffees' and of course a variety of sweet and savoury liège waffles. So, what are liège waffles? Sweet Liege (pronounced LEE-AGE) waffles are richer, more doughy, sweeter waffles than the typical American or “Hongkie-style” waffle. They were invented by the chef of the prince-bishop of Liege, Belgium in the 18th century, chunks of pearl sugar are folded into the dough. Check out their waffles with a variety of toppings from drizzling Nutella, airy marshmallow, fresh strawberries and many more!

See you folks at Wine & Dine 2018 and remember to stay tuned on our Instagram & Facebook for a daily dose of tease before the event!